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Short Bits 2020

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1. Shoutout to the Keter Company for Great Customer Service (2020-01-17)

My wife gave me a nice Christmas gift of cash in December. I had been wanting to purchase a plastic storage shelving unit for use in my study. I borrowed two shelves and four posts from a unit in our basement to store distilled water in 1-gal jugs, but I also wanted to store some small kitchen appliances that I had been placing on the dining room table. Now that I had some extra money, I decided to purchase a new plastic storage shelving unit from Home Depot.

I like the plastic storage shelving units offered by Home Depot because they come in a beige color. Lowes also has plastic storage shelving units but they are dark gray or black in color, which easily shows any dust buildup. I prefer the units that have 36-in wide by 18-in deep shelves because they don’t take up as much space as the units with 36-in wide by 24-in deep shelves.

I went to a local Home Depot on Friday night of the week before Christmas and purchased one of the last few remaining units with 36-in wide x 18-in deep shelves. I began assembling the unit on Saturday night. While installing the fourth shelf, I noticed that one of the slats was broken.

I was disappointed, but was willing to live with the damage because I wasn’t planning to place anything heavy on the top two shelves; there are five shelves in total. However, I began inspecting the other shelves and noticed that the face on the bottom shelf was cracked, caused by what looked like something striking the shelf face.

Needless to say, I was pretty upset. I loathed the idea of having to pack up all of the parts and returning the unit to Home Depot. I then found a contact page in the shelving package that requested customers not to return the unit due to missing, damaged, or deficient parts but to contact the Keter Company for replacement. I attempted to request replacements for the two damaged shelves on the replacement parts site referenced in the contact page, but received a message instructing me to contact the company via their toll-free phone number. That meant having to wait until Monday. I also prefer using e-mail because then I have documentation of what I said and when communication took place.

The contact page also provided an e-mail address, so I sent an e-mail requesting replacement for the two damaged shelves, including photos of the damage and a copy of the Home Depot receipt. I received a response from a company customer service representative stating that the shelves would be replaced and that a shipment notification would be sent when the shelves were shipped. I soon received the shipment notification and the shelves were delivered by Saturday.

The shelves were packed very well in a nice box. The finish of the replacement shelves was also noticeably better than the finish of the shelves of the unit purchased from Home Depot. The shelves from the Home Depot unit had a bit of plastic residue remaining from the molds used during the injection process. I used a box cutter to remove the plastic residue. Yeah, I’m a bit of a neat freak.

I installed the replacement shelves and I was very happy with the overall experience. Thank you Keter Company for a wonderful customer service experience!

Post header image courtesy of Dawid Zawila at Unsplash.


Updated on 2020-01-18

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