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    TreePad: A Free-Form Database Program

    Years ago, at the nudging of a former co-worker and friend, I decided to try working in the IT field as a Lotus Notes developer. About 2 years into my IT career, I determined that I needed a way to store code snippets and tips so that I could have a handy reference that allowed easy and quick retrieval of information for use on any project on which I was working. After quite a bit of Internet research, I narrowed my choices down to two candidates: Info Select and TreePad. I eventually decided on TreePad after spending a bit of time using each program. I preferred the look, feel, and…

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    Moleskine PIM Hack

    In 2009 I was searching the Internet for ideas of how to make a paper PIM (personal information manager). I came across a by a Japanese lady named AK, where she detailed how she used a large Moleskine squared notebook to make a personal PIM/diary.