• Commentary

    Credit Card Fraud: Something Needs to Change

    I have one of my credit cards tied to my PayPal account specifically for making purchases and donations. I recently made a purchase and opted to pay for the purchase using my PayPal account. I never received the product and never received a response from the vendor after sending two separate emails to their customer service department, nor did they…

  • Reviews

    TreePad: A Free-Form Database Program

    Note: The TreePad database program is no longer available. I’m leaving this post up for informational purposes. Links have been changed to point to collected links on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine because www.treepad.com now points to a marijuana dispensary. Thank you to a reader named Chip who brought this to my attention. — 2020-02-28 Years ago, at the nudging…

  • Tips

    Things to Consider When Buying a Home

    In this post, I want to share some things I’ve learned from buying two homes. Any home purchase will probably be the most expensive purchase you will ever make and you definitely don’t want to have buyer’s remorse. Hint: I have buyer’s remorse. I realize that everyone is different and what bother’s some, may not bother others. I’m not even…

  • Info

    Learn LibreOffice

    I made two wonderful learning discoveries two to three weeks ago. I decided to learn database technology using LibreOffice Base. I currently use spreadsheets for many of my data storage and manipulation needs, but I wondered if putting some of the data in a database would be more beneficial. I didn’t know much about LibreOffice Base other than that it…

  • Tutorials

    Creating a WordPress Staging/Testing Site

    What are some of the reasons for creating a staging/testing site? First, to test new features, plugins, or themes you may be considering for your live site. Second, to test plugin, theme, and WordPress updates to make sure nothing breaks your live site. Third, to experiment without interrupting or breaking your live site.