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    Devices & Resources for Back Pain or Spine Issues

    I have suffered from back pain and spine issues since 2011. In my quest to learn as much as possible and my desire to help alleviate my back pain, I’ve come across a number of devices and resources that might be helpful to others suffering from back pain and spine issues. In 2015, I was diagnosed with a herniated L4…

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    Moleskine PIM Hack

    In 2009 I was searching the Internet for ideas of how to make a paper PIM (personal information manager). I came across a by a Japanese lady named AK, where she detailed how she used a large Moleskine squared notebook to make a personal PIM/diary.

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    Body Wash by DreamSideOut

    In 2016, I was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis on my face. One of the things I was told not to do was to wash my face frequently with soap and water. I have oily skin, so I still needed to clean my face about every 4 hours. I tried gentle facial cleansers, but I couldn’t find a gentle cleanser that…